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My problem is when people say “frequently”, “many times”, “often” and words like that but they can’t themselves think of three specific cases in their own life. That’s not “frequently”.

You bring up motorcycle helmets. I have friends that race. One friend has replaced 4 helmets, others at least two or three. Crashing is common and helmets clearly prevent injury. No one at the track has been injured due to their helmet, although there is a remote possibility of this. Just about every rider I know has gone down. I was just lucky and sold my bike when my kid was born.

What would you say if you found out from local, national and international statistics it was more likely the motorcycle helmet injured the rider than prevented injury? But motorcycle helmets are lionized in the movies and the motorcycle helmet industry is a huge machine... people feel powerful and safe with that helmet. Not only does it add significant risk, many people dive in to a turn too fast as a result of overconfidence. Science tells us that “feelings” are very unreliable when it comes to reality.

I like the comments about fear. I try to be cautious and prudent but am also vigilant against campaigns to manufacture fear. It’s one of the oldest control games in the book.

Think on this: suppose you owned your own magic island. You know for a fact there are no hostile people or critters. Would you still carry a pistol on your walk?

I would, because I like to shoot.

Heck, I find myself aiming for rocks and trees when I throw the ball for the dog, or trying to throw as far as I can. I am looking at getting in to archery. I seem to like the game of hitting targets.

That said, it’s fun to hit targets with a big ol slug of lead and if hunting deer... .44 magnum is the sweet spot for me. In my opinion, anything larger is wasted and too big a bang and too heavy to lug aroundT. Elk, moose, hogs, bear... I sold my .454 but in a huge heavy revolver recoil is somewhat moderated.

.357 magnum will work but offers no advantage to me over .44 magnum other than being a little flatter to shoot. My region is generally wooded and thick cover or farm fields so large pistol ranges are all irrelevant except for “one handed rifles” like the encore or Contender.

Anything less than .357 magnum I would consider irresponsible for taking deer in a responsible sporting way. That said, Wisconsin deer are 100 to 200 pounds.

10mm ? Okay.

The other stuff... I don’t see why, and only if you keep things to “traditional” bow hunting range and I still don’t see why.

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