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Let me rephrase that. They often die simply because they neglected safety procedures, and they would have survived otherwise. Sometimes that full enclosure helmet will be the only reason a person survives a motorcycle accident.

A man I know, last time we spoke, was taking care of his son who was in a full vegetative state. He and his son and friends were working on his crotch rocket, the son took off on the cycle wearing nothing but shorts and sandals. He wiped out on the highway, lord knows how fast he was going. The rescue units found the bike easily enough at the end of the debris field, but this kid had slid hundreds of feet past the accident site. The helmet may have saved him from that (so would a little common sense).

Everyone will die, but choosing to ignore common safety measures isn't being practical, sometimes it is a form of what is sort of known as thanatos. It's a disregard for death, ignoring the increased danger inherent in driving mostly naked down a texas highway at speeds near 100 mph.

I read a fascinating article the other day on the dynamics of stupidity. This incident would qualify as stupid.
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