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1. Frequently??? Since it’s frequent, surely you have three specific instances you can describe.

2. You might enjoy training in avoidance and deescalation. My experience is I am 60 years old, never carried other than hunting, and never felt the lack. I have walked away from trouble many times.
Pete, I can't even begin to understand what your point is.

What I said was that if you draw your gun, you obviously were not in control of the situation as it unfolded. If you draw your gun, you will have failed to de-escalate or escape. The locks on your house must have been too weak. You didn't see the suspicious guy (who intended to rob you) walking up the street and avoid contact.

If a person draws a gun, that means that the man carrying it wasn't safe. That means that it was drawn because there was a threat of imminent serious injury or death. If there was a threat of serious injury or death, then the person who drew the gun did not have control of the situation, that his position in the confrontation was not a position of power and control.

Sure, there are exceptions when the guy who drew the gun was actually in control over the other guy's moves all along and just drew the gun because it seemed like the smart thing to do. I don't know why you object to 'frequently'. I didn't say 'always'.

What I do understand is that you are sixty, that you have never had to use a gun to defend yourself and you don't believe that it is necessary, and that it's unnecessary because you are smart. This is a textbook case of denial and complacency. people who live like you die frequently for the sole reason that they ignore basic survival principles like wearing helmets and seat belts, taking their warfarin, etc.

Whether or not you choose to carry a gun isn't in that same category, nevertheless, unarmed people die quite often when being armed might have saved them.
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