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I have one thing that a whole lot of people don't have, I have faith that whatever I do will work out as well as I can hope
I have acceptance of mortality and fate. If I am going to go down because an individual, or group, of competent and determined (or lucky) individuals decided they were going to over power me I will meet the Valkyries perplexed that I died in battle in the modern world while living in a relatively peaceful area.

Does gun matter? Once in a while perhaps. The most memorable time I ever had to put my hand on my gun involved three very aggressive individuals, one of whom had made an only loosely veiled threat, hey did not stop and ask a lot of questions. We bid one another good day and they moved on. They didn't stop to ask if I could control recoil of the Kimber I carried at the time or if the 8? shots of Federal Hydra-Shok would do its job. They didn't ask about my draw times. If anything was considered it was the counter between two of them and I, the time it would take the third to get around the end of the counter he was at, and the fact that I had stepped back into an aisle to prevent being overwhelmed. They collectively surveyed the risk to reward ratio and moved on.

Don't do things or present yourself in a manner that skews that risk to reward ratio to make it "worth it." This is probably FAR more important than number of shots or what caliber you are carrying. One of the best pieces of advise I have read in regards to personal safety listed rule #1 as "Avoid love triangles" and that was in one of the gun magazines when I was growing up.
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