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I have one thing that a whole lot of people don't have, I have faith that whatever I do will work out as well as I can hope. I hope that if I am ever in a shooting I won't screw up, that my shots will go where they should go, and that the bullets that I fire will live up to their potential.

Regarding whether I screw up, that is all up to either chaos, or the will of god, and I know that neither of them are in my control. I believe that I will be able to handle a situation that isn't completely bug nuts crazy and too chaotic for my limited abilities. I do believe that the 9mm rounds and other rounds I keep for combat use will perform well. So, I guess that I expect (hope) that any event will result in me getting in the first hits and my shots being enough to disable an opponent before he disables me.

I'm not trying to go too deeply into the weird metaphysical stuff, but I kind of just have faith that there will be an official watching for fouls and that this official will throw the flag and give me a free throw, or something like that.

I used to be all wrapped up in what bullet would be best for whatever I shot at. I used to sweat about whether or not I could get that last tenth of an MOA in accuracy or whether the sierra, lacking any form of controlled mushrooming would be able to kill a deer.

I spent decades wondering if I should be carrying the ultimate round for whatever, and how I could find out what that round is, or what firearm would best serve me. Recently I realized that I am REALLY ORDINARY. Carrying factory Remington into the field won't mean lost game. Carrying silvertips in the car isn't going to get me killed. Choosing my dad's .357 instead of a new sig isn't going to put me at a dangerous disadvantage against a punk with a knife.

Faith and confidence in a defense or hunting system is a good thing. Now seriously, if a person gets that faith by obsessively reading about jello testing, that's fine. Confidence and faith can come from any source, the important thing is having that confidence in whatever your choice is.

Personally, I believe in a higher power, and I also believe in fate. I'm going to do what seems like the best plan and hope that it ends well.

And this still comes around to accepting that life is all controlled by chance, or chaos. a few millimeters or a second of hesitation can and will decide everything. You just give it your best shot and you either go home with a pheasant or survive a mugging.

If my point is lost in all of this blather, it would be this. You can't control what happens when the bullet leaves the barrel, and you frequently have very little control over anything that precedes taking that shot. The responsibility of what happens lies almost entirely in whether or not a person makes an effective hit.

An interesting story came up a few hundred years ago. A guy was sitting in a barber's chair and was shot in the back of the head. No, not with a bullet, a guy used a blank powered anchoring gun on a wall. Whatever the reason was, the nail blasted through the wall and pegged Harvey Haircut in the spine and he was left quadriplegic.

Did you guys ever read 'The Imp of the Perverse'? There is a god in this universe whose only job is to make weird stuff happen. I hope that I never piss him off. All I want out of life is to avoid being the target of an angry god of chaos, since ordinarily I think that my handgun, ammo, and skills can possibly disable an attacker who means to hurt or kill me.

There is also the thought that you shouldn't tempt fate. That you shouldn't haul the wrist rocket around and expect it to save your life if you anger a moose. Be prepared. Don't bother losing sleep trying to remove another 1/1000th of the possible doubt.
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