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Amprecon you are saying what I was thinking. That the 6.8 was a great round for the AR and similar autos but a good game round for a light recoiling bolt gun.

I don't have a .270 hunting rifle anymore and barely shot the ones I had. My 7x57 was my rifle of choice for deer hunting until I got a 7-08 Remington model 7. A short action 6.8 would do better than a 243 for our small TX deer IMHO but bet I get a few who say not. I just like a little bigger bullet with more weight.

My bud has always hunted with a 270 but loaded with 150gr bullets and as far as I can tell kicks just as hard as my 30-06. We shot some of my left over 130gr .270 rounds in his gun and what a difference it was. Now the traditional 130gr bullets are all he shoots. One of the 120gr 6.8 bullets loaded to 2600-2800fps start velocity might be just the thing.
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