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I know several men and women in the Riverton, Shoshoni, Lander, Gillette, Casper and Green River areas of Wyoming who all love them.

I have personally killed 36 head of game with the 6.8. Among my friends in Wyoming, one in Montana, one in Illinois who hunts in Montana and Wyoming, and 2 in Nevada both of whome hunt also in Wyoming, Montana and New Mexico, we have a count (last count anyway) of 168 head killed so far.

Here in Wyoming it is very much alive and doing well.

I also have made and owned two 6.5 Grendels. Good round. But having killed some game with it too, (9, which may not be a fare comparison to the 36 killed with the 6.8. I have seen about 15 other kills with 6.5Gs besides my own.)

I found I prefer the 6.8. I sold my 2 Grendels.

The 6.5G is a better long distance round and also does better in rifle length barrels, but the 6.8 gives the same velocities in the carbine length barrels with the same (or very close) bullet weights and the 6.8 puts the deer and antelope on the ground a bit faster. Not "worlds ahead," but I have seen it consistently. When the US Army did their test a few yeas ago they found the same thing.

For me I prefer the faster stops/kills I get with the 6.8 and the longer range of the 6.5 is not something that excited me much, because I own a 25-06, several 270s, two 308s, three 30-06s, a 300 H&H, an 8X57, a 9.3X62, a 9.3X74R and a 375H&H, all of which beat both shells at 300 yards and farther and beat them badly.

If someone was to be starting out and wanted one rifle for deer and antelope, and was looking for the best round to cover the most ground, the 6.5 probably would get my recommendation over the 6.8.
But I have many other rifles that do the longer distance killing a LOT better then either the 6.8 or the 6.5G. So that is why, for my own use, the 6.8 is preferred.

One bullet no one seems to talk about much in the 6.5 that REALLY should be paid more attention is the 125 grain Nosler Partition. That is the only bullet I have used that seems to kill as well as many of the 6.8 bullets. If I had started out with the 6.5 and only loaded the 125 grain partitions, I just might be of a differing opinion now.

Most of the deer and antelope I have killed with the 6.8 have fallen at the shot, and a few have moved about 6-8 feet. Only one deer went more than about 15 yards are the hit. Of the 36 I have killed only about 6 didn't drop instantly.

Of the 9 head I shot with my 6.5 Grendels only 2 fell at the shots, and the other 7 went about 15-30 yards and fell. That's still not bad, but just not as dramatic as I saw with the 6.8s. The 2 that dropped were both killed with the above 125 grain Partitions and one other was too, which staggered about 10 yards and then fell.

The longest shot I have made with the 6.8 is about 375 yards. The longest shot I have made with a 6.5G is about 210 yards. So oddly, the 6.5 will shoot flatter and buck wind better, but so far I have made several longer shots with the 6.8.

That was not the plan but just how it's worked out.

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