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"I'm still single. One of the reasons, a couple women who things got close with (we were talking about engagement, and in one of these cases, we were shopping rings) made getting rid of my guns one of their requirements (not brought up until after things got serious- the old idea so many women have that they'll change the things about their man they don't like instead of having to learn to live with them). We could never negotiate that issue, and we broke up."

This reminded me of my high school sweetheart. I was head over heels for that girl and was shopping rings after graduation. She knew I hunted and began making remarks about how she would not want guns in the house. Tried to reason with her then, she wouldn't have it. And that, is the reason I began backing off. We broke up soon after, I joined the Army and she got married. After being out a few years got into LE. When I was out on patrol, she was always out on a walk and she'd flag me over to chat. Still see her from time to time. And she still looks great.

I'd still bet there are no guns in her house.
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