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Remington was acquired by Cerberus years ago, and the Cerberus operation was only interested in maximizing profits, not quality.

Cerberus is now out of the picture.
The company, along with Marlin, is now in the hands of the creditors pending a sale, but they're out of the bankruptcy.

The current people now running Remington ARE making changes, but it's happening slowly.

It takes time for a trickle-down effect from the top in replacing the old "make it cheaper" with "make it better".

When engineering & manufacturing processes have so long been centered around "cheap", there's some lag time involved in changing all that.

In one case last year, Marlin spent a hundred grand on one new piece of machinery to address ONE area of levergun manufacture.

Money isn't just being drained now, it's going back into both companies.
If whoever buys the conglomerate allows this to continue, you should be seeing a gradual & general upgrade in overall quality.

My info comes from a friend there, a senior product manager.
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