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I just shot my friend's Fire Fly again Sunday.
It shoots flawlessly, much to my chagrin. I had never really looked at it since I had no intention of ever buying one and even tho every time he shot it, it shot perfectly.

So when I shot a couple of mags through it with no problems, I finally took a really good look at the outside of it.

It looks to be a small version of the Sig P220 in .22lr.

I got the wife's P 220 out and it is so much like it in looks.

The trigger is heavy and this is the only reason I can fault his.

I probably won't buy one and much prefer my Ruger MKII, my SW Victory 22 and the Buckmark but to me it feels better than the Ruger SR22 or the SW MP22.

If I could get the trigger pull down and get slightly better sights on it (although the factory sights are not terrible) I might would change my mind.

He won't let me experiment on his so I will probably never know.
Did a search in a few places and there is little info on trigger jobs or upgrade parts for the FireFly
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