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Haven't tried the Firefly, but my shooting buddy used to have its predecessor, the afore mentioned Sig Mosquito. The couple of times I shot it, I was unimpressed. Way more jams than any gun has a right to produce, even for a semiauto rimfire. It also had a horrendous trigger (never measured the pull, but it had to be 12 lbs or more). He sold it, and has been quite happy with the Ruger SR-22 he bought to replace it.

I have heard the Firefly is better, but not by a wide enough margin to actually be called "good."

Nutnfancy recently put up a review of the Firefly on his YouTube channel. I haven't watched it yet, so I can't speak to what he said, but he usually presents things pretty honestly. Make some popcorn before you watch it, though - he tends to be a bit long winded.
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