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When I spoke to one of Nosler's techs about the expansion velocity ranges of their bullets, he suggested avoiding the highest end of the impact velocity range for cup-and-core designs because flattening gets extreme enough that penetration begins to be compromised. I suspect this applies to all makes of bullets. He recommended keeping one or two hundred fps below the maximum for a bullet. It also makes broad sense that a design will give you its best combination of expansion and penetration in the middle of the design velocity range.

From that, I would be loading the .30-06 down with H4598 or some other powder that works well at lower pressure. Load so the chronograph gives you about 2500 fps at 15 feet from the muzzle. With H4895 it should be about 37.6 grains with the 3.300 COL produced by lining the cannelure up with the neck. At 50 yards the 150 RN will lose about 200 fps to impact at 2300 fps and at 75 yards, it will lose another 120 fps to impact at about 2180 fps. A comfortable middle range and still 100 fps faster than a commercial 30-30 load with the same bullet.
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