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I'm trying these bullets because I have 100 each, with no 30-30 to load them for, I decided to try those dudes in my 30-06.
I'm pushing these rascals to about 2700 more or less through a 20" 2 groove 03 barrel.Im not looking to penetrate or even shoot through brush, but 50-75 yd shots should be the range I will be hunting them.
I was going to make this point, glad I'm not the only one...

Using a bullet designed for 30/30 velocities in full power 30/06 loads may result in bullet failure(disintegration). Throttle back to starting/mid-level loads for actual hunting use.
Here's the thing, its not so much a question of round or flat point, its a question of bullet construction. Most (if not all the usual commercial bullets) .30 cal 150gr flat points are made for use in the .30-30. These are bullets made to expand "properly" fired out of the usual carbines with muzzle velocities in the 2200fps range.

Running them at 2700fps is considerably faster than what they are built for. This difference doesn't matter when punching paper, but can matter punching deer or other game animals. It depends on the specific bullet construction. Running a .30-30 bullet at 2700fps might not push you past the point of controlled expansion, with THAT particular bullet, but if it doesn't, it does put you on the upper edge of that boundary.

I can tell you with certainty that running a .30-30 bullet at .300 Magnum speeds (3000fps+) does push you into the realm of varmint bullet type expansion. NOT what you want for shooting deer.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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