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Originally Posted by T. O'Heir View Post
" eyes don't pick up all three..." Nobody's eyes can focus on more than one thing at a time. Focus on the front sight. Do not look at the rear sight at all. And sit the target on top of the front sight blade.
Flat point and round nose .30 calibre bullets do not work any better in the bush than a spitzer. A wee twig can deflect an RN just as fast as any other bullet.
"...It loves..." As mentioned, why reinvent the wheel. Think Rule Number One. It works, don't fix it.
I also had a problem with all the sights but found a reasonable solution. Check stick-on bifocals. They are a flexible plastic available in different diopters which can be cut to size. You wet them with water and stick them on to your glasses. When dry they stay in place, can be peeled off and reused. I stick a small piece in the upper inside of my right lens where it is in the correct place to see the front sight clearly. To select the correct diopter, I went to the reading glass section of the local drug store and stood away from the display about the same distance as the front sight would be. With my glasses on I looked through different glasses from the display until the display sign looked best and then ordered that diopter stick-on from Amazon. They are about $20.00 per set.
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