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Not sure why you would change.
Flat nose is going to have awful ballistics. RN ok, only RN are 220 that I have seen
Years ago, round nose bullets were very popular. the large soft-pointed noses were touted to be superior for rapid expansion. Back then, several cartridges with round noses were common. The 6.5 Swede., .303 British, the 7x57 and 8x57 Mausers, and even 30-06. That was all before the so-called premium bullet market seemed to take over and dominate the hunting bullets. I have never been convinced that the premium bullets have any real advantage over the old round nose bullets at modest hunting ranges. As for pointed bullets being better for longer ranges, that is only a factor if you can actually hit the small ideal kill zone at those extended ranges...most who think they not, and arguably would be better off shooting round nose bullets at closer distances.
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