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Took 5 rifles to the range today. Savage FTR in 223 and 308, AR in 223 and 308 and a bolt action 22LR. Put 5 shots over the chrono in the FTRs and ARs to get average speeds. Moved to the 500 yard range and practiced head shots. 20 in each rifle. Got boring really fast. Moved to the rimfire range. Must of shot more than 100 rounds. Had metal at 50, 75, 100, 200, 250 and 300 yards. Scope maxed out on the 200 yard metal. The 250 was fairly easy using Kentucky elevation. The 300 yard wasn't loud enough to hear or see move. Time for a better scope for the rimfire. The 22LR was more fun and taught me more than the other 4 rifles combined.The 22LR has the same drop at 300 yards that my 308 has at 1000. Cheap practice.
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