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I had an interesting afternoon. I shot 6 rounds each at 10 yards from a bench rest with my Thomas .45 Colt after lubing the Speer and All American Arms 200gr bullets with the Alox/Wax/mineral Spirits combo.

I differed from HH above in that I also shot Hornady 250gr XTP in the group, not just lead bullets.

All 6 shots were in 4" circle at 10 yards with Hornady XTP 250gr with Unique 8.0 gr.

5 shots were at 1"o'clock with a 1" inch group with 250gr XTP and 15.2gr of 2400

5 shots were at 3 to 4 o'clock with a 2-1/4 group with 6.4gr of Titegroup and 200gr AAA lubed bullets

Now I must confess this is new to me. I have 76 year old eyes with a resolving macular hole right eye (central vision loss) using iron sights with a "V" rear sight and a BIG front stem to line up. I can still shoot a 0.3" group (6mm PPC) and 1.0" group with 6.5mm Creedmoor but I need at least 9 power to see the 3/4" dot target. So handgunning with iron sights is a bit frustrating.
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