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I emailed Speer and got this reply about their 200gr SWC:

"These bullets can be used in either 45 Auto or 45 Colt as there is load data for both on the Speer website. With that these bullets have a proprietary lube on them already so it is not necessary to lube them or coat them further. We would not recommend pushing these much beyond a 1000 fps or leading can occur."

BTW, Hammerhead, I just finished coating 24 "All American Arms" "hard cast" 200gr .45 Cal bullets. I got them several million years ago at a gun show. They already have a lube ring but my process melted that anyway. I couldn't get Lee Liquid Alox at the local Cablea's store- just the solid stick of Alox.

It melts at 130 degrees so I used a food measuring scale and weighed out 11.25Gm of Alox, 11.25Gm of Johnson's Paste Wax and 2.5Gm of Mineral Spirits; that equals 45%-45%-10% as you suggested. I melted the Alox in a small cast iron fry pan and added the wax after the Alox melted. When both were liquid I added the mineral spirits and stirred all components. I added the bullets and stirred around, then put base down on wax paper. The remainder of the liquid mixture solidified and all the bullets coated nicely, with the lube groove in the AAA bullets filling as well.

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