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While loading shortened .38 Specials, which are essentially .38 Short Colt, to .38 Special pressures could eliminate powder-position sensitivity and make ejection with short ejector rods more positive, there isn't published data for loading to .38 Special pressures with the shorter OAL. Seating wadcutters deeply usually requires light powder charges to avoid overpressure conditions. When the base of any type of bullet is seated that deeply, the pressure with the same charge as standard OAL cartridges is going to be greater. Of course, wadcutters are proof that it can be done in the .38 Special.
You could load wadcutters in shortened cases to their normal OAL; the powder won't know the difference. The trick will be crimping them. Wadcutters are a decent defensive load if you don't load them down to ridiculous levels. This might be a good use for the bag of cut-down Special cases I made to shoot in my Webley and Police Positive.
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