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I had an Oehler and didn't care for the size of it so I gave it to a buddy.

The LabRadar was still in the beta phase, I looked at the Magneto but didn't want a barrel mounted one.

I opted to get the CED M2. It will hold the data until you delete it. You can transfer it to a PC.

I am not sure of all the other specs on it but it was less than $200 at Graf's.

Light weight, can be mounted to a tripod (I mount mine to a metal table with the tripod hole in the bottom of it).

It has a long cord (20 ft or so long) that plugs the brains to the sensors so that you can have the actual chrono up front and the brains sitting on the bench with you.

It is very accurate, gives all the data that you can use (SD, ES, PF, etc).

You can shoot a string and save it or delete it.

Powered by AA batteries and I haven't gotten thru the first set yet.

I only have gotten errors with it when I first started using it, but that was me.

It comes with a DVD with a tutorial.
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