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Looking for Chronograph suggestions?

I am thinking about buying myself a Chronograph for Christmas. I don't know much about them other than a very basic knowledge of how they work. I have seen them priced as low as $50, as high as $500+ and everywhere in between. It would be more of a toy for me not a necessity. I would want it to keep record of 5-10 shot groups and give me the high, low and average of the group. I want one that comes with an adjustable height tripod style mount or can at least have one installed. Those are my only two "Must Have" items. It would be nice if I could store the data for a period of time but that one isn't 100% necessary. Being able to print off the results would be nice but not 100% necessary. I don't need a Rolls Royce of Chronographs but don't want junk that I will have to replace in a couple years.

Anyone have any suggestions? Also why you suggest the particular one too please?

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