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However, I was thinking about saving even more money by training with BB and pellet guns. Of course a training session at the range with live ammo from time to time as well but for lots of the training to use BB and pellet guns, could be a real money saver.
It is, if you are training for accuracy.

Training for speed, handling, or other tactical considerations you are better off with airsoft. But for accuracy, pellet rifles and pistols are hands down the best way to become a more accurate shooter without breaking the bank on ammo.

A CMP refurbed Daisy 853 will set you back just over 100 dollars, and a carton of Crosman pellets about 16 bucks. That's 1250 actual trigger pulls for less than a 130 dollars (not including targets or other consumables). A decent break barrel air pistol like an IZH-53M new is less than 60 bucks.

So if you want to be a more accurate shooter, air guns are awesome and I can't recommend them highly enough. But for speed, and tactical handling, you'll need a different training option.

Machine guns are awesome until you have to carry one.
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