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BB and Pellet Guns

I have a Sheridan Silver Streak, in .20. Bought sometime in the Seventies.
Eight pumps with the Sheridan Hunting Pellet, no longer available, it woill shoot through a in pine board, or 1/2 plywood and maybe more.
Hunted squirrels with it but hasbroom handle wood. only been shot a few times the last 30 years.
Last time I had it out it still had the air I pumped into it when I put it away one pump as reccomended.
Only 800+ fps but the .20 pellet is heavier by good margin that .177.
Wood had dried out somewhat and am considering refinishing it. Plain walnut but still not broom handle wood.
I keep an eye out for old Daisys and others at "Antique" shops but what I find are pieces of junk put together from others.
I want one that cocks by pulling the shotgun like handle baack all the way to receiver.
Spring is a little stronger and more velocity.
Cousin put a shotgun recoil spring, possible Browning auto 5 in one he had and accidentally put a bb into his ear lobe, in the fifties. It is still there.
It really spit the bb out.
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