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What kind of "training" ?

Tactical drills?
Force on force?
Just easier plinking?

The answer really dictates what you want to buy. From action type to price range etc.

Airsoft replicas are fantastic for handling, tactical and holster drills and came be great force on force. They suck for target shooting generally.

A higher end pneumatic or spring or PCP pellet rifle is great for marksmanship and trigger control, follow throw and discipline but sucks for any kind of practical defensive training if that's what your after.

Another option is a laser training cartridge or gun.
Mostly just target shooting so marksmanship and plinking. Right now I've got a CO2 powered semi automatic pellet rifle that I use for target practice with this special BB and pellet target I've got. Another thing about BB and pellet guns is they can be used indoors without having to have one of those specially designed indoor shooting ranges.
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