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What i don't get is why do police in America approach a traffic stop hyped up gun drawn, its asking for this type of incident to happen. The police here have more reason to be wary stopping a car than in America but i have never seen them approaching a car gun draw.

I place my hands on the steering wheel immediately. I do not reach for my paper work. I sit with my hands on the wheel until the officer can visibly see them. I then inform the officer that I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon and that I am armed.
Its a bad situation when you have to fear being shot at a traffic stop, just because you have a firearm does not give the police the right to shoot you.
Lets be real here, this can happen regardless of whether you are armed. The advice of keeping both hands on the wheel with all needed docs already in hand are taught by many parents to their children as I have done.
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