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Its been a lot of years since I was stopped but I think if I noticed an officer approaching the car with the gun drawn I would deem it in everyone's best interest to end that traffic stop and leave (while calling 911 to report the situation). Am I drastically out of line on that issue?
Yes, it's a felony.

Training and it made clear to police officers that if they get it wrong they will be going to jail.
Training in what? That this:
or this: or this or this

can't and won't happen on a traffic stop? That everybody's word should be taken at face value?

If a police officer approaches with a gun drawn, there is clearly a reason. Never assume you know the reason for the stop. Maybe dirtbag joe just switched your license plate with the license plate of the vehicle he just stole while you were in the grocery store shopping. Maybe a guy with the same basic profile as you and driving the same car as you just robbed the gas station down the street.

If you feel that the way you were treated or approached is out of line, call internal affairs and report it after the fact. Attempting to deal with the problem during the stop is a fast way to get somebody hurt.
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