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I got around to doing the drill this morning.

I fired these targets by setting 2 of them up on cardboard, loading a 7 rounder into the gun, firing 5 rounds into the 1st target and 1 into the 2nd target leaving one in the chamber, doing a mag change, then 4 more into the 2nd target, leaving 4 rounds in the gun I flipped the thumb safety on and went down range to change out the fired targets with 2 fresh ones, then I fired 3 rounds into the 3rd target, leaving 1 in the gun I loaded a mag with 6 rounds and fired 2 more rounds into the 3rd target and 5 rounds into the remaining target.

From Top Left to Bottom Right just like reading these lines. I my range is about 200 yards behind the house, up a steep hill, and around a pound, then back down a bit of a hill, so I was breathing kind of hard and my heart rate was up, which shows in the first couple of targets, and you can see how my groups settled down as I caught my breath and my heart rate returned to normal.

Looks like I still need to drift that rear sight to the right just a fuzz.

Pistol: Springfield Armory Mil. Spec. .45 ACP
Ammo: Winchester White Box 230gr FMJ
Targets: 12" EZE-Scorer Targets from WalMart
Range: Rough, uneven rip rap/sand bar behind the pond behind the house. It has a good hill behind it that rises about 1000 ft at about 35/40 degrees, with nothing behind it for miles.

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