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I'll start by saying that I'm no pistolero. I shoot fair bit, but I've never competed, and I've only been to a public (as in not someone's back field) range once. While I've gotten a fair share of instruction from various experienced friends/family I've never really had the opportunity to take any formal training.
So, I'd think I'd be a decent base line.

I had intended to get home early enough to do things right, but my pregnant wife wanted fried pickles, so by the time I found those and made it home the light was fading.

Because I was pressed for time I only did 3 sets. I used a glock 19 - stock except for the greatly appreciated trijicons.
I wasn't rushing, but I was shooting about as fast as I could get off aimed shots (so, no timing breaths, or readjusting my grip), and averaged about 8 seconds on the first two strings, and a little faster on the third. I didn't have time to find my shot timer, so I just used a stopwatch which wasn't ideal, but good enough to let me know I was well under the 15sec mark.
Also, since my standing platform is set up at 10 yards and I couldn't find a tape measure to measure out 7, I shot from 10 yards. Plus, I don't like getting a whole lot closer than that to the steels.

I'm not entirely sure why there are 6 marks on the last target. Either I missed a spot when I repainted after round 2, or the wet paint did something weird.

So, it certainly seems doable.
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