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Re: What exactly happens when you hit somebody with over 1,000lumens at night?

Originally Posted by johnelmore View Post
YES. It is this bad. They might search you to the point where you will be angry.

For example...I flew from Saint Martin to JFK. I was searched once as I walked into the airport then there was another search point then came US customs where they pulled me into the secondary inspection area for no reason. Once all my bags were thoroughly xrayed and my personal items dumped everywhere I went on my way. Then right as it was time to get on the plane these guards come out with folding tables to do yet another search. Again my belongings dumped on the jetway for me to pick up.

The Philippines...we pull into the airport with a taxi and before we get to the terminal they stop us at a checkpoint with armed dudes going through my bag. Next as we enter the terminal there is a checkpoint where all my stuff is dumped and a dog barking at everyone. Then comes customs and yet another belonging dump. Finally another third checkpoint through a detector and everyone gets frisked.

Need I go on. Dont take anything the least bit questionable overseas.
Wow, sound like you have had some bad luck cases.

I've been on a bunch of international flight and I never have issues. Maybe you do something that makes yourself look suspicious? It would be impossible for you to tell, since it's your natural behavior.. The only thing I have ever had was a quick pat down, finger testing for bomb material or going through my carry on if I forgot to take out a liquid.

Btw, look into getting the new global access and precheck program. It will be make both your customs and tsa line experiences much more pleasant.
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