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I am a pseudo expert on these lights because I have quite a few which I use for work and personal use. Here are some points to consider:

- Whenever there was a big storm around here about to hit the only batteries left in the store were AA. Even if there were no batteries left the most likely battery to be found around the house is AA. The last few storms knocked the power out for over a week so I made it a point to have quite a few flashlights/lanterns which operate on AA along with a small supply of CR123.

- CR123 batteries are made with lithium which is not as stable as alkaline. There have been a few stories of fires and small explosions with lithium. We only get our CR123 direct from Surefire because its too much of a risk getting it elsewhere. Lets say you buy some duracell off of Amazon then there is a chance it will be fake.

- There are restrictions on lithium batteries on airplanes. No idea what they might be because Ive never had to deal with them, but there are regulations.

- The security at foreign airports can be greater then at US airports. I remember at one airport in Mexico they wouldnt let me go aboard with some nail clippers which had a small file on it. A large menacing flashlight might be a no-go.

- A blinding light might make a self defense situation go either way. It could make it better or worse.

When I travel I carry a small 1 AA Fenix led light on my key ring.. Its more powerful then a standard 2 cell flashlight and very compact. When traveling you will not need more light then what it provides.

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