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Originally Posted by pax
Don't tell me that rifle bullets don't go though walls. They can and do. Saying they don't is as irresponsible as the idiots on Mythbusters telling people it's okay to shoot up into the air, as long as you point straight up.
Light hollow-point .223 loads will penetrate through walls less than most handgun and shotgun loads (but they'll still penetrate enough to be lethal on the other side). However, just pointing out that fact doesn't mean I'm advocating being unsafe with a firearm.

And whatever you might think about the Mythbusters guys, they definitely aren't idiots. They never said it was OK to shoot in the air, they only did an experiment that showed bullets fired straight up won't come down with enough velocity to kill someone. They also said that it's easy to accidentallly fire the gun in the air at an angle, and that angle is what allows the bullet to retain enough velocity to kill; they explicitly told people during that episode to NEVER fire a gun into the air.
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