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Originally Posted by PAT99MI:
I'm new to this forum and maybe an answer to my question has already been posted. I'm an almost senior female with a physical disability and will be taking a CCl class shortly. I purchased a Ruger .38 LCR to carry once I'm licensed but I'm using it for home defense until I purchase a shotgun. Would it be a good idea to use multiple ammos in a load to cover different scenarios? For example, load 3 soft hollow point +P's and 2 rounds of a harder more penetrating type ammo in case I have to shoot through a couch or something. I wouldn't know which bullet was on first but I would more than likely empty the load anyway.
Since it is terribly impractical and darned near impossible to select a specific chamber in your revolver's cylinder allowing you to address a life-threatening situation in a timely manner, you are best off purchasing premium self-defense JHP ammunition and loading your revolver's cylinder with them.

Several manufacturers (Remington, Federal, Winchester, Speer, Hornady to name a few) offer several premium JHP designs (Golden Sabre, HydraShok, PDX1, Gold Dot, Critical Duty, respectively) in a broad range of bullet weights (110 gr, 125 gr, 158 gr. etc.) and velocities (from 750-1050 fps) for the .38 Special. Any of these JHPs will make it through typical household furniture.
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