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Man on man............this is a no-win situation.
I have to say the cop was too willing to fire, but we don't know what went on before the shots were fired.

Why were they there?

The kids were just walking around as if there was no problem, so it didn't look like a situation the needed deadly force. If the call was in response to "man with a gun" shots fired" "threats with a knife" or something like these, I can see why the cop would be going room to room with a ready firearm.

But the kids walking around like that makes me think the training was WAY deficient, or the cop was not acting according to procedure. In ANY situation where deadly threats are reported or suspected, the 1st order of business would be to get the kids out of the home.

So before we make judgements here I think it's important to look at the reason for the cops to be there in the 1st place, but no matter what, it's not going to be good for the cop who shot. Now it's just a question of "how bad will this get for him"

I can't see any defense for his actions, but there may be some circumstance that would shed light on why he fired in that kind of situation.

"Officer Safety" is NEVER a reason to harm citizens who are not involved. NOT EVER! There have been situations where it's happens and the courts have held that freak accidents can be excused, and cops can be held to have no personal responsibility, but the City, County or State bond will never be "let off". It's VERY VERY rare that such freak accidents can be shown or proven.

In a case like this one, some degree of blame is going to be leveled, from gross negligence at best, to God only knows what at the worst.

He's already lost his job, but I am doubtful that's where it will end for him and there is a possibility or maybe a probability it should not end there.

I will not make any judgement about this because I only have some of the info, but from what the public is shown now, it's not looking good.
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