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You and your family are on a cross-country trip, and sleeping in a small hotel on the edge of some high crime city, when the door busts open in the middle of the night. The large silhouette in the doorway is holding a knife, a Big Knife, and your kids are still sleeping. You grab your handgun next to you on the bedside table as he enters the room and you only have time for one shot to save everybody.
No matter where I have been the people most likely to kick open a door in the dark sleepy of night are the cops. They are the most common door kicker openers in the U.S. So first thing I do is identify my target and make sure it ain't them. If it is and I shoot at them, then me, and everyone in the room with me is likely to die. So I try not to shoot at them.

I've had both semis and wheelguns with me when I've traveled and one or the other sets by the bedside.

I've already made sure that they are ready to go and that adequate ammo is not a problem. This is the answer to the original question.

The gun is only one part of my defense and not the most important part.

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