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Any Criminologists Out There?

I get my info from a number of web sites, both left and right, and the ones on the left like Salon and Slate are really getting my blood boiling with their anti-gun articles these days, trying to drum up support for the Feinstein ban, etc.

One thing I have noticed is their continual citing of alleged "research" by all those supposedly neutral "public health researchers" who were exposed years ago as being essentially anti-gun crusaders rather than honest scholars. (See the brilliant article "Guns and Public Health" in the Spring 1995 U of Tennessee Law Review, which you can find online by googling, and which I think you can still buy a hard copy of from that school--it's their best-ever selling Law Review volume--or from the Second Amendment Foundation.)

These frauds seem to be legion, and they keep pumping out new garbage funded by the Joyce Foundation and Bloomberg, and broadcast by their lackeys in the media.

What disturbs me is how little of the real, credible scholarship, by real criminologists, seems to be out there these days.

The only criminologist who seems to keep showing up in online searches is Gary Kleck, and although distinguished, it seems his best work was about 15 years ago, and he seems to be all alone.

Where is the good new criminological research that can be used against the "public health" frauds? Where is it published? How can I find it? Does anyone know?
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