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I wouldn't say it's "hoorah for us" so much as it's, "hey, this is reality, unfortunately you just have to deal with it."

Do I believe in courtesy? Certainly. Do I try to practice it? Of course.

Example: Handyman, who did work on the place I leased while my wife was finishing school for her RN/BSN, obtained permission from us and from the landlord to bow hunt in the woods bordering the property (which were part of the overall plat.) I didn't know when he'd be there, as he had not given me a schedule, per se. One morning, I went back to my target area with a guest. Bow hunter had set a tree stand up just above and beyond my backstop. He waved. We saw him, and held off on our shooting session. Later that day, though, we had a conversation about the virtue of him letting me know when he would hunt; in return, he would not only be safer, but I would not shoot the day before or the day of his hunt, to avoid scaring the game. Note that in this instance, courtesy worked both ways, and definitely to the bow hunter's advantage.

Now, I would not personally camp and make a bunch of noise, or let my dogs run loose, around an area people were trying to hunt. Partly, that's courtesy. Partly, that's common sense. I know of too many idiot hunters, who don't properly identify targets or backstops. I won't go into public woods during season; we don't let our dogs into the woods during the season; and we don't ride our horses into the woods during the season.

Frankly, I'm a bit more offended by people who shoot other people, pets, and livestock due to poor hunting practices than I am by people who make noise.

I'm not accusing anybody in this thread of being idiot hunters, but I am saying that some of the people the OP is complaining about may not really care much for or about hunters due to the actions of a few bad apples.

And, again, if you can manage it, it is often a very good idea to either obtain access to private land, or else put in the effort to get away from the madding crowd and deep into the public land.
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