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Some of us are getting too old to sleep in snow banks............I've slept in more then my sare.

So I've gone the camper route. Actually a horse trailer with living quarters.

So my pet is a Belgium, who by the way can pack a lot more then I can. He's not 65 so he can go a lot farther then I can also.

Yeap I have a generator, I don't figure it hurts much since this year I was elk hunting in an area where they were logging. So it wasn't noticable compared to the chain saws, skidders and log trucks.

I had to go a full 300 yards from the trailer to get an elk.

Lots of four wheelers running around public lands now days. You'd think they would scare the elk out of the country.............I haven't found that to be the case either.

The woods are big. Room enough for me and everyone else. There are plenty of elk. I know a lot of old guys, not fit enough to get 100 yards from camp. So they set by the fire and wait and sure enough a lot of time the elk come through.

There is plenty of back country if you're young enough for that. To me any more, I enjoy hunting with my grand kids more then hunting itself.

As mentioned, to each his own..........the woods and mountains are big enough for all of us.
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