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Well, here I am again, clearing-up some mis-information.
Originally Posted by CrazyIvan007
Burst, Auto Kits and other Class III items are exponentially more expensive and require you to either have a license to buy such items or purchase a tax stamp for each item you purchase. Tax stamps are typically $200, but can vary a bit depending on location.
First, full-auto fire control groups (FCG's) are not NFA items by themselves and they are not much different in price than semi FCG's. They are, however, illegal to own at the same time you own a semi-auto AR. It is called "constructive posession" of an unregistered machinegun.
Next, the National Firearms Act tax on machineguns is $200 period. It makes no difference where you live or what color your aunt's hairdoo is.
Now, if you want to talk about what it costs, legally, to get into an automatic M16, then I'd be happy to discuss Registered M16's, Drop In Auto Sears or Lightning Links.
Silencers have NEVER been illegal !
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