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Thanks for the review.

It is always nice to read other people's opinions.

I have shot the Bersa and the PPK/S. I found the Bersa to be the more uncomfortable than the PPK/S. However, I found the standard PPK to be just as comfortable as the Bersa. I just do not like the metal back strap on the PPK/S. It digs into my hand. I prefer the wooden wrap-around grips on my PPK.
The Bersa looks and feels cheap
inside the Bersa where corners are uneven and in general the workmanship looks to be of lesser quality than that of the Walther
That is what kept me from buying the Bersa. It is just too cheaply made for me to trust my life to it. I have always felt when something looks cheap and feels cheap it usually is just That does not mean it will not function flawlessly up until the day something in it breaks, it just means it is more likely to have something break. I want the best quality version of something I can get. I decided to pay pay the extra hundred bucks and get the nicer PPK.
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