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Hello all, This is my first post on this forum, will attempt to add a little about the 28-2 in nickel finish. This gun is too new to be a FHP piece. The others were reportedly made as salesman's samples and have a brushed finish as already mentioned,none of them were shiny nickel. The current thought is only nine guns total were made,all with 4" barrel. The extractor star should be blue,as should the rear sight, trigger and hammer should be case colored. There is a collector on the S&W forum who owns 2 of the authentic guns both in N-420xx (1972)serial range. There are many around that have been redone,some were done very well and others not so good. I asked about current value of a real one and was told the last authentic gun offered for sale about 7 or 8 years ago was $1,000. If this gun has the features listed above,it's probably worth getting a S&W letter as already advised. If it turns out to be authentic,it's a rare bird and probably worth a fair amount more now.

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