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"Is there any way to tell by the serial or markings if this is original nickel finish?"

Mike Irwin gave you the best advice for getting the most accurate information on your Model 28-2. However, there is one other thing you may check on your own. Supica and Nahas (The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson - the book most of us use) reports the following"

"Florida Highway Patrol: Twenty-five guns with 5" barrels with nickel finish marked "F.H.P." #32 through #56 shipped in 1959. Serial range S189071 to S192687..."

IF your Model 28 meets these criteria it may be a very rare variant. But this was two years before the Model 28-2 was introduced so the odds may be very low, but still worth looking at.

In any case I am sure we all would like to know along with you.
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