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Virginia sanctuary counties

I posted about this in another thread, but thought it important enough to have its own thread. We are currently working to establish the county I am living in as a second amendment sanctuary county. I know it has only been a few days, but for certain we have 6 of 7 county supervisors on board, as well as the Commonwealths Attorney and the sheriff. We hope to have the resolution in place before the next legislative session. We also hope to have a referendum on the ballot, which I am sure will pass handily. I have contacted people in neighboring counties who will be working on similar resolutions in their respective locations. We can send a clear message to the legislature in Richmond that we will not accept their garbage. All of you in Va get the word out and start talking to your county leaders, especially in the rural localities, as we can protect our rights. BTW, we do propose to include somewhat severe penalties in our resolution for anyone who attempts to enforce unconstitutional laws in the county.
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