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Originally Posted by HiBC View Post
Ethanol is the alcohol in adult beverages. The Federal Government has an interest in taxing beverage ethanol.

Ethanol has other uses,such as solvent,shellac,etc.

The Federal Government is opposed to the idea you could go to Ace Hardware and buy a gallon of ethanol and spike your lemonade with it without paying taxes.

So the Federal Government requires the gallon of ethanol be "denatured",or poisoned,by the addition of methanol,another alcohol,which is very harmful/fatal if consumed.

Not that I'm recommending this,but you could get past your concerns by using the liquor EverClear,which is nearly pure({90%) ethanol,with the taxes paid.Smirnov 100 proof Vodka is 50% ethanol,50% water.

I'm telling you that for perspective. No need to buy EverClear or vodka.

FWIW,even your typical gas station/convenience store typically has a little yellow bottle of HEET gas line deicer. Its denatured alcohol....ethanol made toxic by the addition of methanol. Its a handi source of a small quantity.

While I can appreciate that oil/grease may not be good on the frizzen/pan for ignition,I'm pretty sure you can just rag wipe them clean and you'll be fine. I don't think a solvent degrease is necessary.

For cleanup after shooting,yes you want to get the carbon off,but the corrosive components in the fouling are salts. The salts are water soluble,and water is what is used to remove them.
A rag wipe will probably be sufficient but I don't want to take that chance. We've been hunting with flintlocks since they opened a special state wide season in the late 70s. (Pa) I have two flint locks. I will degrease one the night before a hunt with said alcohol.

I use the well known hot water flush after firing. I'll mix a little bar soap in by just washing my hands a little in the water, not much. Wipe with a dry rag then dry everything including bore with a hair dryer and follow with a Ballistol wipe on everything. If it's been shot a lot I'll remove the lock and flash hole liner for cleaning....A little anal I suppose but you can't be too careful with black powder.
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