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Winchester 1300 NWTF Feed Issues

I am a newcomer to the world of shotguns, I mainly use rifles and semi auto pistols, so I hope someone can help me. I got a 1300 NWTF edition from my wife for Valentines day. Every time I take it to the range I get at least 1 time where it double feeds and jams. I am using 2 3/4 Fedderal shells (the hundred pack from Wally World) and Winchester AA light target loads, but it also happened with 3" Mag slugs, and OO Buck (what can I say I got a new gun might as well throw a little of everything out of it) Anyone know how to fix this? She got me the gun used, and I am about an hours drive from a gunsmith, so anything I could do on my own would be appreciated.
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