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I've been a life member of NRA for 35 years now. every month, their mag has the Armed Citizen column, read it a few months in a row. you'll see. google for the Dept of Justice website, and search there for the annual Crime survey, most attacks are not made with a gun, and showing a gun is usually enough. While you are there, search for the FBI's UCR, uniform crime report. whichstates that most GUN fights occur at 10 ft and less! :-)
I have also been an NRA member for many years and my father before me, I am well aware of that publication. I am well aware of Jim Cirillo, having been an LEO myself for better than 3 decades and even met the man at FLETC.

Noise, flash and perceived recoil are all range issues. In a real gunfight, as soon as you get the adrenaline dump, your body is preparing for fight or flight. You will experience visual and auditory exclusion, you will lose fine motor skills and will feel clumsy. Time will S-L-O-W, well not really, but is seems like it as your brain is hyper sensitive capturing the most minute detail.

That is fact. Books, movies, and magazine articles may be based on fact, but are greatly embellished for the entertainment value.

Sorry I do not play the odds, I have my own personal rain cloud.
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