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Originally Posted by Crusty Deary Ol'Coot
I loaded up some .357 for a brother-in-law's Marlin rifle, and they showed pressures and extraction problems first crack out of the box.

Had use recommended loads, but ----------

Well, fired the rest of the ammo from my RUGER security six wheel gun with zero problems or issues. Not one!
Not surprising in the least...

This is why many manuals have different load data for the same cartridge in rifle and pistol...

Quick example is that my favorite Hornady #4 manual has a load for their 265gr FP in .44Mag that is a full 1.2gr more powder for pistol than for rifle...

Rifle = 22.2gr H-110
Pistol = 23.4gr H-110

The max pistol load in my Marlin 1894 is a nasty thump, and hard extracting...

Many older manuals with maximum mag pistol data can be overpressure in a longer carbine or rifle...

Always start low and work up...Each gun is a different animal and should be treated as such...
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