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It looks like a USGI M1911A1 frame, which has had the serial number and property markings (partially) removed. You can see that the last two digits of the original serial were "77". Above that, you can see part of the word "Property".
There are also a lot of other things, letters and numbers, stamped all over the place, and I have no idea what those mean. The "AA" stamp near the mag release button could mean that the gun (the frame, anyway), was at one time refurbished at Augusta Arsenal. That is not unusual, but the AA stamp is usually seen on the other side.
The slide is not original to the frame, being an earlier, M1911 part. Both the slide and frame are heavily buffed and refinished. The frame, though it has "a" serial number, has had the original number removed, so technically is not legal to own; even with a replacement number, it's illegal to have a gun that's had the original serial removed, unless you have a letter from the ATF that says it's OK (they will sometime allow renumbering).
Is the stamp on the barrel lower lug "HS"? If so, that's a WWII-era GI replacement barrel made by High Standard.
The gun has little value as a shooter, and no value as a collectible. I don't see much there worth parting out.
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