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You've already got the reloading gear, so if I can assume that you already have 223 cases to use, then the math is simple and the bullet itself is the most expensive part of the recipe. I spend about 20 cents or 22 cents each on 'fancy' 223 bullets, but I think I just saw 55 gr FMJ's for 10 cents each, so add 7 or 8 cents for powder and a couple of cents for a primer, and you have a fairly cheap reload. Even with my fancy bullets, we're talking just a hair over 30 cents per reload. As for cases, you might add in a bit of cost to the equation unless you do some shooting of brass cased bulk ammo and save the brass or pick up range brass, or somebody on this forum sends you some brass that they don't need. If you lived anywhere close to me (central Texas), I'd give you some brass, 223 bullets I'm not gonna shoot, and a few hundred primers that I'm not going to use.
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