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Wild bill concelement - the best.

I was sarcastic. What will you wait for for 8 month to deliver? Maybe a baby. As for AK47 - sarcastic again, for 150 dollars after 8 month of phone calls and Emails got, what looks like, a used holster of mediocre quality(Pictures of holsters sure look nice on his web.) and not sure if it is even for my make and model of a gun. Can GUARANTY it is not a holster for a rifle, but my semiautomatic small frame handguns fit in it. So can't say it's not for my BDA 380 for sure. Can say for sure I had a 15 dollar nice leather holster bough on Ebay and send it back because it was supposed to be new but actually came in used( told it was purchased new two years ago) and most important that I was about to get in a mail in a week or two, THE BEST HOLSTER THERE IS FROM WILD BILL. What if the original Wild Bill would start shooting people like this one delivers his holsters? Sorry for not writing things clearly.

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