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wild bill concealment- the best

Three or so years back ordered holster and after emails and phone calls got my holster not longer than 8 month later. But then I suspected that my holster was send to me used. The mag pouch was made for another caliber gun. The bullets were much longer than my Browning BDA 380. Also the mag pouch had an indent of a first bullet in the magazine. I looked at the holster and although it looked mediocre at best, it fit my gun. It would not fit my AK47 but my gun it did. Like most of my guns it did. After waiting only 8 month to get it i did not bother to start all over and ship it back, but the pouch bothered me. Was completely useless. So I called and after was promised it would be fixed sent it back. That was only a year ago. I tried Emails and phone calls to no avail. Now found out the old Email address no good any more. So I think: [sic], my health is more important, don't want to get upset about it no more. At the end it was not worth it. Live and learn from my mistake.

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